Sun Child - Affirmation cards - Set of 27

27 Positive Affirmation Cards For Children of All Ages Using ‘I am’ statements in a language that speaks directly to any children’s needs. A hand-painted watercolour illustration appears on each card, connecting to the affirmation to help visually plant the ‘I am’ belief. The cards are designed to expand each child’s level of consciousness by correcting the mistake in our intellect that we are anything less than a whole being. By sharing a Sunchild card daily with your children, you will be aiding them to grow with resilience, happiness and a deep connection to natures’ support. Benefits: ​​Builds resilience and self-esteem Connects the child back to natures support Speaks directly to the level of consciousness the child is at Connects children to their emotions and lets them know all feelings are valid Empowers children to have the best start in life Introduces positive mindset Helps with cognitive focus & relaxation The child grows knowing we hold everything inside us to create a life full of happiness Ritual Ideas With Your Child: Shuffle the deck, tap magic into cards and pull a card, reading the message you need for that moment. Pull a card. o In the morning, to start your day off in the light o At bedtime to prepare for sleep and reflect on the day o For a moment of calm if your child is distressed as a way to discuss their feelings or situations that the child may be experiencing and allows them to know everything is always okay o For FUN, inspiring the feelings of joy, connection and to build self-esteem o Pull a card to share with a friend who may be in need or place one in your child’s lunchbox, pocket or backpack.
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