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Kinderfeets - Tiny Tot Plus - Slate blue

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The award-winning Kinderfeets 2-in-1 balance bike and trike doesn't just look stunning, it's the perfect transition experience for children learning to move independently. This staged transition helps children find their balance and build their riding confidence. With three wheels they discover how to use their feet and start moving. Then, when parents feel their child is ready, it takes a few minutes to convert a Tiny Tot Plus into a two-wheel balance bike. As a balance bike it then promotes the riding skills required for transitioning across to a pedal-powered bike.

The recommended age for this product is 12-24 months. However a child's size, fine motor skills and balance coordination should also be taken in consideration. Some children may take a little longer to develop these skills than others; or be of above average height.

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus is made from low-risk, replenishable sources including bamboo and birch wood.  Its airless tyres are biodegradable. It uses minimal packaging material made from recycled paper and water based-ink. Its paints and lacquers are non-toxic and water-based.