Bigjigs Toys - First Four Shape Sorter

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Brightly coloured wooden shapes Different numbered pegs Made from responsibly sourced materials Bigjigs Toys First Four Shape Sorter is made from high quality and responsibly sourced materials. It has 17 play pieces including brightly coloured wooden shapes and a pegged base board. This wooden shape sorter is great for encouraging your child’s shapes and numbers recognition. Your child can sort and match the wooden shapes into four piles and stack them to each numbered peg. It also helps improve your child’s dexterity and hand eye coordination. Why we love Bigjigs Toys First Four Shape Sorter: Base board with numbered pegs Sustainable materials Finished with child friendly paints, stains and lacquers Age: 12 months + Size: 14.5 x 14.5 x 6 cm, 17 pieces